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Large Red Fox Fur Pelt

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If you're looking for that perfect fur to make a bag, hat, or costume from, look no further!.  These red fox furs are professionally tanned to provide a soft, supple, and fluffy appearance.  One step up from our craft grade hides, these slights are cased and have the face, tail, and partial legs (feet are not present).  They have very few small holes, very slight damage to the outside of the hide, but no bald spots or slipping.  These are very heavily furred red foxes from the Pacific Northwest.  These all natural hides are perfect for you to cut and sew into new craft work, such as bags, hats, leggings or other costume pieces.

  • These furs are purchased from U.S. hunters and trappers and tanned in U.S. tanneries
  • Approximate Diameter: 12 inches
  • Approximate Length: 48 inches