Clear Creek Trading Company Maintaining Customs and Traditions for Future Generations
  • Red Fox Tail


    These red fox tails are professionally tanned to provide a soft, supple and fluffy appearance.  Add to your unique and modern appearance by attaching them to belt loops, purses, keys or wallets.  They also make great adornments for walking sticks and many are used in the creation of Native American style arts and crafts goods.  Comes with attached ball chain.

    Size, color and pattern will vary depending on our inventory.  We always ship the best we have in stock.

    • Excellent quality tanning provides superb suppleness and durability
    • Includes an attached ball chain and clasp for easy attachment
    • This is natural colored U.S. Fur tanned in U.S. tanneries
    • Approximate length: 15-16 inches
    • Approximate diameter: 3-4 inches