Continuing traditions into modern generations
  • Handmade Navajo Dance Rattle - Turtle Design

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    This handmade rattle guarantees to provide a beautiful accent to your home.  This rattle is handmade from all natural materials including deer rawhide, deer leather, simulated Eagle feathers and stone arrowheads.  Glass beads and brass bells provide traditional accents in this accurate reproduction of traditional Native American artwork.  This rattle has a hard wood handle wrapped in soft buckskin.  The rawhide head is hand painted.  The arrowheads, medicine wheel, and trade beads would have had significance and meaning that was specific to the owner of this rattle.  Although simulated, the eagle feathers signify supreme importance as they were only handled by the most prominent tribal members. Each rattle is unique and will have variations in the color of the paint, beads, arrowheads, etc.  The product you receive will be similar to those in the photo.

    • This is a 100% Native American Made rattle
    • Certificate of authenticity is provided with the rattle (can be seen in the product images)
    • Leather wrist strap
    • Overall length is approximately 24 inches