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  • Maiden Feather Mask by Lorra Lee Rose

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    Lorra Lee Rose has been preserving the essence of birds through her mask making since 1987.  Over the years she has developed a network of aviaries and pet owners who gather the shed feathers.

    The natural colored feathers are primarily from parrot, pheasant, chicken and turkeys.  Each bird may molt only a handful of feathers per year.  Therefore, it can take years to collect enough to make one mask.  The mask base is constructed of paper maché formed over a mold of her husband’s face.  The only care necessary is an occasional dusting with, of all things, a feather duster.

    Hanging a Lorra Lee Rose creation in your home or office will add a unique asset worthy of many conversations and will be enjoyed for generations.

    • Mask has attached loop for hanging on a wall and a tie string for wearing
    • Feathers used: Royal Palm Turkey, Macaw, African Grey, Cockatoo, Vulture, Guinea Peacock, Plymouth Rock and Silver Sebright Coque