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  • Handmade Coyote Claw Necklace

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    This handmade Coyote Claw necklace is carefully crafted using braided 5-ply sinew as the chain with a mixture of beads, real Coyote Toe Bone clasp and a real Coyote Claw as the pendant.  This charming necklace will provide an authentic rustic look!

    Each necklace is a unique handcrafted item, so the number and kind of beads will vary with each one. The necklace you receive will be similar to those in the photos.

    The chain length of the necklace varies from 17 to 22 inches.  If you would like a necklace with a specific chain length, please contact us by email at or use our contact form at and we will accommodate your request with the understanding that shipment of your order may be delayed if we need to have the necklace custom made here in our shop.