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  • Real Bone American Badger Skull

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    Badgers live in open grasslands with sandy soils where they can easily dig for meals.  Preying on mice, squirrels and other rodents, they sometimes hunt with coyotes which provides both of the animals with better odds of eating well.  They are known for their voracity and aggressiveness and seem nearly fearless in pursuing their identified targets.  Having a range that covers most of the central and western United States as well as northern Mexico and central Canada, these creatures are very important to controlling the rodent populations throughout most of North America.

       •    Approximate Dimensions: 4 ½ inches long x 3 inches wide x 2 inches high

    This skull will add uniqueness and authenticity to your arts and crafts products, creating a natural and earthy feel along with reverent warmth that cannot be reproduced through synthetic replicas.  It is normal for the jaws and teeth to separate from the skull during the cleaning process; they are then reattached with hot glue.  These skulls are of collectible quality at a very competitive price.
       •    Skulls are boiled and treated with enzymes or enzyme substrates to produce a clean white
            finish without degrading the bone.
       •    Teeth that fall out during the cleaning process have been re-inserted and glued.
       •    Sinuses are intact.
       •    No artificial sealants have been used as they can alter the color and texture of the bone.

    All of our natural skull and bone products are obtained through legal hunting and trapping operations throughout the United States and Canada.  The companies that we work with for cleaning these products support us in the use of the entire animal including the hide, bones, claws, meat and grease produced during cleaning.  We continue to support indigenous peoples and rural lifestyles whose livelihood depends on the sale of animal byproducts.